The Interactive Digital Network is a new way of communicating with the public like you’ve never seen before. You can forget about traditional systems for reproducing passive content. Interaction – choice – that’s the key to guaranteeing the greatest impact.

Large, autonomous screens (40", 50" flat touch screens and larger) make them ideal for use as multimedia billboards. Touch screens are a technological revolution, making it possible to redesign the concept of communication as we understand it today. Your target audience will be able to access services, information and personalized advertising in an intuitive way. All the functionality of a network in an attractive format, any time, anywhere.

Your IDN will be permanently connected to our administration center via Internet. Update your content as often as you like, and know exactly what information is being consulted by your customers and when. And rest easy…

As an audiovisual tool, the Interactive Digital Network can provide general information on the event (topics, timetables, seminars, lectures…), information on the area (map, nearby entertainment, restaurants…), current information (news, weather), interactive games… This way you can show the client the information you wish them to see, while at the same time allowing them to actively participate.

ASVideo monitors all of your terminals to ensure they are functioning properly.

Obtain maximum attention for your advertising hits through access to additional information on demand. Engage your customers through interactive promotions. It is a new and revolutionary way of communicating which will create customer loyalty, allowing them to access the information you want them to see – whatever information is useful to help you maximize the profitability of your investment.

We have redesigned the concept of the traditional advertising billboard and turned the commercial infrastructure into a point of access for your content, 24 hours a day. Welcome to the age of touch communication. Welcome to the Interactive Digital Network.